Takara Tomy ROTF Legends Class EZ Collection 2


Takara Tomy announced the collection 2 for their Transformers Movie 2 Revenge of the Fallen EZ Series. The collection #2 will includes more new characters like Wheelie and Soundwave (which are yet to released from the Hasbro Legends Class). For the previous set EZ Collection #1, you can check from our previous EZ page.

The list of figures available from the Transformers EZ Collection 2:
1) EZ-09 Optimus Prime “Damage Version”
2) EZ-10 Megatron “Damage Version”
3) EZ-11 Ironhide
4) EZ-12 Grindor
5) EZ-13 Skids
6) EZ-14 Sideways
7) EZ-15 Wheelie
8) EZ-16 Soundwave


Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder for this items soon and some of the figures are sold in sets only. Pre-order yours now at Toywiz!