Takara Tomy Super Control Beyblade Big Bang Pegasis and L Drago Destroy

Takara Tomy Super Control Beyblade

Super Control Beyblade is line of Beyblade created by Takara Tomy. They have a contoller that controls the Beyblade’s movement for up to 15 seconds. In which, they can accelerate, stop, reverse, or “Turbo” the Beys. The controllers also serve as launchers for the Beys and have winders. The Controller has an infared emitter while the Bey has an infared receiver, when the Bey recieves a signal, a motor directly linked to the axis, spins in the same or opposite direction of movement to control the Beyblade.

Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia received the latest addition of this super control line from Takara Tomy, with BBC-01: Starter Big Bang Pegasis and BBC-02: Starter L Drago Destroy! In stock now for RM139 each.

Takara Tomy Super Control Beyblade

You can check out the video below for the super control beyblades!


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