Takara Tomy Transformers Animated Series


Japan Takara Tomy released the 2009 Hasbro Transformers Animated series with a lot of nice repaints and some of the new releases have arrived to Toywiz Malaysia now! TA-01 Voyager Class Optimus Prime with nice metallic paintings will definitely poison all Transformers collectors!

Toywiz Malaysia have the following in stock now and selling hot!
TA-01 Optimus Prime
TA-02 Bumblebee
TA-03 Ironhide
TA-04 Ratchet
TA-05 Prowl
TA-06 Megatron
TA-07 Starscream
TA-08 Lockdown
TA-09 Black Arachnia
TA-10 Cliffjumper
TA-11 Dirge


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