Takara Tomy Transformers Henkei Clear Mirage (Rijie Electro Disruptor)


exclusive-henkei-Ligier-Clear-MirageTransformers Generations Vol 1 exclusive figure – the Henkei Clear Ligier (Mirage) is available now at Toywiz Malaysia.

This exclusive Rijie Electro Disruptor version is an exclusive edition, only for the purchase of 2009 Transformers Generations Magazine Vol 1. We have extra piece for this hot Henkei and grab now at Toywiz Malaysia before they are gone!

If you have the previous Henkei C-04 Mirage figure, you will absolutely love the new clear version. There is a gallery showing both figures on Transformers.com.my Forum. You can check on these photos.

Henkei Clear Mirage