Takara Tomy Transformers ROTF Release for Jan & Mar 2010


It’s time again to update some new items scheduled to be released early next year 2010. Takara Tomy will come up with a new N.E.S.T. Global Alliance subline with some popular characters like Bumblebee, Ironhide, and also the much discussed Bludgeon. Check out the pictures attached below:

Updated: Added in items released on March 2010!


RA-26 NEST Jungle Attack Ironhide (3,800yen Jan 2010)

RA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-IronhideRA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-Ironhide-1   RA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-Ironhide-2










RA-27 NEST Alliance Bumblebee (2,300yen Jan 2010)

RA-27-NEST-Alliance-BumblebeeRA-27-NEST-Alliance-Bumblebee-1  RA-27-NEST-Alliance-Bumblebee-2

RD-19 Shanghai Attack Demolishor (3,800yen Jan 2010)


RD-20 NEST Bludgeon (3,800yen Jan 2010) 

RD-20-NEST-BludgeonRD-20-NEST-Bludgeon-1 RD-20-NEST-Bludgeon-2

RD-21 Desert Combat Rampage (2,300yen Jan 2010)



RD-22 NEST Dirge (2,300yen Jan 2010) 

RD-22-NEST-DirgeRD-22-NEST-Dirge-1 RD-22-NEST-Dirge-2

RD-23 NEST Scout Breakdown (1,200yen Jan 2010)

RD-23-NEST-Scout-BreakdownRD-23-NEST-Scout-Breakdown-1 RD-23-NEST-Scout-Breakdown-2


RD-24 Barricade and Frenzy (5,000yen Feb 2010)




RA-28 Autobots Ratchet (2,300 yen Mar 2010)

RA-28-Autobot-Ratchet-1   RA-28-Autobot-Ratchet-2



RA-29 Broon (2,300 yen Mar 2010)

RA-29-NEST-Broon-1 RA-29-NEST-Broon-2



RA-30 Scattershot (1,200yen Mar 2010)

RA-30-Scattershot-1 RA-30-Scattershot-2



RD-25 NEST Mindwipe (3,800yen Mar 2010)

RD-25-NEST-Mindwipe-1 RD-25-NEST-Mindwipe-2



RD-26 NEST Rockdown (2,300yen Mar 2010)

RD-26-NEST-Lockdown-1 RD-26-NEST-Lockdown-2



RD-27 Skystrocker (1,200yen Mar 2010)

RD-27-Skystrocker-1 RD-27-Skystrocker-2


  1. No way!!! I absoloutley love that repaint Demolishor!! Toywizard, Do you know if it will be sold in Austarlia, and if so, when do you think it will be?
    From an Aussie TF Fan

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