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Takara Tomy Transformers ROTF Release for Jan & Mar 2010

It’s time again to update some new items scheduled to be released early next year 2010. Takara Tomy will come up with a new N.E.S.T. Global Alliance subline with some popular characters like Bumblebee, Ironhide, and also the much discussed Bludgeon. Check out the pictures attached below:

Updated: Added in items released on March 2010!


RA-26 NEST Jungle Attack Ironhide (3,800yen Jan 2010)

RA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-IronhideRA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-Ironhide-1   RA-26-NEST-Jungle-Attack-Ironhide-2










RA-27 NEST Alliance Bumblebee (2,300yen Jan 2010)

RA-27-NEST-Alliance-BumblebeeRA-27-NEST-Alliance-Bumblebee-1  RA-27-NEST-Alliance-Bumblebee-2

RD-19 Shanghai Attack Demolishor (3,800yen Jan 2010)


RD-20 NEST Bludgeon (3,800yen Jan 2010) 

RD-20-NEST-BludgeonRD-20-NEST-Bludgeon-1 RD-20-NEST-Bludgeon-2

RD-21 Desert Combat Rampage (2,300yen Jan 2010)



RD-22 NEST Dirge (2,300yen Jan 2010) 

RD-22-NEST-DirgeRD-22-NEST-Dirge-1 RD-22-NEST-Dirge-2

RD-23 NEST Scout Breakdown (1,200yen Jan 2010)

RD-23-NEST-Scout-BreakdownRD-23-NEST-Scout-Breakdown-1 RD-23-NEST-Scout-Breakdown-2


RD-24 Barricade and Frenzy (5,000yen Feb 2010)




RA-28 Autobots Ratchet (2,300 yen Mar 2010)

RA-28-Autobot-Ratchet-1   RA-28-Autobot-Ratchet-2



RA-29 Broon (2,300 yen Mar 2010)

RA-29-NEST-Broon-1 RA-29-NEST-Broon-2



RA-30 Scattershot (1,200yen Mar 2010)

RA-30-Scattershot-1 RA-30-Scattershot-2



RD-25 NEST Mindwipe (3,800yen Mar 2010)

RD-25-NEST-Mindwipe-1 RD-25-NEST-Mindwipe-2



RD-26 NEST Rockdown (2,300yen Mar 2010)

RD-26-NEST-Lockdown-1 RD-26-NEST-Lockdown-2



RD-27 Skystrocker (1,200yen Mar 2010)

RD-27-Skystrocker-1 RD-27-Skystrocker-2

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Written by David

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