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Takara Tomy Transformers United Series UN23 – UN31

We have received stocks from Takara Tomy for the Transformers United series from UN23 Rodimus Prime till UN31. Takara Tomy has done a better job on the paintings for these figures and these are definitely a must-have for Transformers collectors! Available now at Toy Garden and Toywizard Malaysia.

Transformers United UN-23 Rodimus Prime – RM89

Transformers United UN-24 Warpath – RM89

Transformers United UN-25 Tank Megatron – RM89

Transformers United UN-26 Thunderwing – RM89

Transformers United UN-27 Windcharger VS Decepticon Wipe-Out – RM129

Transformers United UN-28 Axalon – RM89

Transformers United UN-29 Ark Unicron – RM129

Transformers United UN-30 Optimus Primal – RM129

Transformers United UN-31 Beast Megatron – RM129

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Written by David

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