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Takara Tomy Will Reissue Transformers MP-04 Masterpiece Convoy with Trailer (Complete Version)

takara-transformers-mp04-optimus-primeFinally the rumors came true as Takara Tomy is going to re-issue the Transformers Masterpiece MP-4 Convoy (Optimus Prime) complete version with trailer, coming this Oct 2009. Fans have been asking around whether and when this masterpiece figure will be re-release by Takara, and there are quite a lot rumors flying around for the past months! Now we have confirmed news and will start taking preorders for the Masterpiece MP-04 Convoy!


For those who has missed out the first release last time, and always hunting upside down for this masterpiece, grab this opportunity to own this ultimate masterpiece transformers! This is by far the best-detailed, metal parts, complete version of the famous/fan favorite Optimus Prime figure, standing over 12″ height and fully trasformable to truck and robots!

We will put up some photos of the packaging and product photos to tease you first! Be aware that there may be some minor different printings on the new packaging box (putting a brand new logo Takara Tomy instead of the Takara, just as the reissued MP-02 Ultra Magnus case).

transformers-mp-04-convoy-perfect-version-box1 transformers-mp-04-convoy-perfect-version-box2

Retail price listed by Takara Tomy is 18,000 yen and we estimate the price will be around RM630-RM680. Start ordering now from Toywiz Malaysia as we expect this will be a limited run!

takaratomy-mp-04-masterpiece-optimusprime-with-trailer takara-mp4-transformers-masterpiece-convoy-trailer

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Written by David

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  1. wow… never expected to see a defining classic rereleased so soon. Its nothing but fantastic news. Toyfare magazine, the premiere toy magazine in the world, in its 10th anniversary issue, named masterpiece optimus prime #1 in the Greatest Toys of All Time. And thats not including praise from Japanese Toy magazines, Hong Kong etc. It will be very hard to dethrone this masterpiece.

  2. I’m getting this for sure. I’ll drop by to pay the deposits for my friend & me later today 🙂 I wanted to buy this Masterpiece a few years back but didn’t managed to get it due to the price. After years of consideration, I’ve decided to get it no matter what 😛 It’s worth every single penny!! 😀

  3. anyone can share some idea on the previous price for MP04 released in yr 2006? i mean the same package (OP+trailer)

  4. may i know is this MP4 still open for pre-order? if yes, i would like to place the pre-order. thx.

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