Toynami 1/100 Scale Macross Valkyrie Variable Fighter


toynami-macross-set-of-6Toynami’s 1:100 scale Macross Variable Fighter series came back again to Toywiz Malaysia. All full set of 6 are available now in stock.

These variable fighters have 3 modes transformation, highly poseable with over 30 points of articulation. They includes adjustable display stand for maximum versatility and poseability. You can transform the Valkyrie fighter to Battroid Type, Fighter Type or Gerwalk Type.

  • VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker
  • VF-1A Valkyrie Hikaru Ichijo
  • VF-1A Valkyrie Max Jenius
  • VF-1J Valkyrie Hikaru Ichijo
  • VF-1J Valkyrie Max Jenius
  • VF-1J Milia

  • Toynami Macross Roy Focker


    1. Pls send me the price for this single set, VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker, and also the price for all the 6 set

      thank you

      Shawn, Penang

    2. how much for 1-4 and 1-6? I was given 5+6 by a friend and now want to collect em all. I definately want 1,2,3,4 but if its better to get em all im down too.

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