Toynami Voltron Lion Force Giftset


This is the plastic version of the Voltron Masterpiece released a few years back.
This set includes all five robot lions –
Princess Allura’s Blue Lion,
Pidge’s Green Lion,
Keith’s Black Lion,
Lance’s Red Lion,
Hunk’s Yellow Lion – transform and unite to create Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Voltron stands around 12-inches height.

ADDED ON Jan 23rd: Second batch restock arrived.


  1. i think it is selling at RM350. Saw one in low yat that last sat.
    anyway i bought one in SG, selling at SGD100..damn nice

  2. Hi. I am so intrested after review this voltron robot. May i know where i can find this product? can you let me know which location you are? And what is this price? Thanks.

  3. I so interest in tis figure. any1 noe tat where can i gt d metal type Voltron n how much in tis market 4 metal type ?

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  5. hi .. When voltron (Toynami Lion Force Voltron Giftset with five lions) will be out again. I hope if it is issued again. You all can call me at Hopefully i can buy this stuff ….
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