Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Blurr, Swindle, Blazing Lockdown and Bumblebee


Wave 5 for the Hasbro’s Transformers Animated series will includes some new figures like Blurr, Swindle, Blazing Lockdown and re-release of the popular Animated Bumblebee! This wave is available now at Toywiz Malaysia for RM54 each.

[image title=”tfa-wave-5″ size=”full” id=”1249″ align=”none” ]

[image title=”tfa-blurr-box” size=”full” id=”1245″ align=”none” ][image title=”tfa-swindle-box” size=”full” id=”1246″ align=”none” ][image title=”tfa-blazing lockdown-box” size=”full” id=”1247″ align=”none” ][image title=”tfa-bumblebee-box” size=”full” id=”1248″ align=”none” ]


  1. […]…and-bumblebee/ only few days and these will hit ToyWiz!! woot wooott!!!! *not for Lum’s eyes* okay steve… NOW you have to let us buy seperately… most of us already have bumblebee! hehehehe… best price best price… __________________ I’m collecting now: I only collect TF Movie, TF Animated, TF Universe 2.0 & TF Henkei!.. no more.. got it? no racun2.. or i’ll report you to Persatuan Racun-Racun Negara.. […]

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