Transformers Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm Pack


[image title=”tfa-jetfire-and-jetstorm-01″ size=”medium” id=”1585″ align=”left” ]Transformers Animated 2-pack: Jetfire and Jetstorm set, they can combine together and form a huge Safeguard! They’re brothers in arms. The Autobot forces have never been stronger, and now that Jetfire and Jetstorm are on the team, they can do no wrong! This thrilling set of twin jets features 2 awesome figures with their own personalities that can– for the really big battle– combine and fight. Megatron and his Decepticon army don’t stand a chance when Optimus sends these two out onto the battlefield… especially after they combine to form Safeguard! An exclusive comic book is also included.


  1. Err… Is this Jetfire and Jetstorm pack still in stock? If it is, I will buy it on 17th April… Hope it’s still in…

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