Transformers Animated Leader Class Roadbuster Ultra Magnus


Transformers Animated Leader class figure continues with a repaint version of Ultra Magnus, the Roadbuster Ultra Magnus. Description from Hasbro: Following his experiences on Earth, the most powerful AUTOBOT warrior became stronger and more cunning than ever before. The tactics that ULTRA MAGNUS used to employ on the battlefield were textbook AUTOBOT Academy stratagems. Battling on Earth made him realize that the fight against the DECEPTICONS would take more than Academy programming to win. To achieve final victory, the AUTOBOTS will need to fight smart, or they might as well not fight at all.

Get into the AllSpark battle with this chunky, figure that converts from mighty robot mode to assault carrier mode and back again! Robot mode features electronic lights and speech – watch the intergalactic freedom fighter change expressions as he “talks”. Aim the spring-loaded mass-hammer at the enemy! Or reveal the flip-up heavy cannons to any DECEPTICON predators. A few twists here and some turns there and you’ve changed this AUTOBOT team member to assault carrier mode – complete with flip-out machine cannons and weapon power-up sounds! Use your imagination and your advanced-conversion skills to pose your figure or stage your own unstoppable robot encounters!

Includes 2 “AA” batteries. Retail price at RM199.90 at Toywiz and stocks arriving Feb 20th, 2009.