Transformers Animated Leader Class Shadow Blade Megatron


[image title=”transformers-animated-shadow-blade-megatron” size=”full” id=”1774″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]New 2009 Transformers Animated Leader Class figure comes to Toywiz! Get into the AllSpark battle with this purple and black figure that converts from menacing robot mode to attack helicopter mode and back again! Robot mode features electronic lights and speech – watch the ultimate intergalactic tyrant change expressions as he “talks”.

Aim the fusion missiles and launch them at the enemy! Or swing swords at DECEPTICON predators. A few twists here and some turns there and you’ve changed this AUTOBOT tormentor to attack helicopter mode – complete with helicopter sounds and spin-linked blades!

Use your imagination and your advanced-conversion skills to pose your figure or stage your own unstoppable robot encounters. Includes 2 “AAA” batteries inside.

The Shadow Blade Megatron Leader class figure is selling at RM199.90 each and selling hot now at Toywiz.