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Transformers Club Exclusive Seacons Piranacon

Transformers Club Exclusive set, The Seacons Superwarrior Piranaco has arrived to Toywiz Malaysia now. This exclusive set is really a must-grab for Transformers Collectors especially vintage transformers fans! This set is only exclusive to the USA Transformers Collectors Club.

The Seacons combiners includes:

  • Snap Trap
  • Tentakil
  • Nautilator
  • Overbite
  • Seawing
  • Skalor

This Decepticons change from Monster to Robot to Targetmaster weapon and back!

TF Club Exclusive Seacons
TF Club Exclusive Seacons

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Written by David

Toywiz/Toy Garden is in the Toys and Collectibles scene for over 8 years in Malaysia. You can be a fan and add us from facebook: Toywiz Malaysia


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