Transformers Movie 2 Revenge of the Fallen Character Profiles and In-Movie Screen Characters

On a sidenote, we have a list of profiles for the upcoming Transformers 2 movie. Some of the main character profiles are here for you to read!

Optimus Prime (Autobot Commander)
The latest in a long line of Autobot leaders, Optimus Prime commands all the collected knowledge of his ancient race, and has led his troops through some of their darkest times!

Bumblebee (Autobot Scout)
This smart young Autobot lost his vocal processor in battle, but that never stops him from rescuing his friend Sam from the evil Decepticons!

Ironhide (Weapons Specialist)
One of the oldest Autobots, this experienced warrior has been battling Decepticons longer than anyone, and acts as self-appointed bodyguard to Optimus Prime.

Sideswipe (Combat Instructor)
This fearsome fighter welcomes the challenge of battle, but looks forward to the day the world can live in peace, with no threat from the Decepticons.

Ratchet (Autobot Medic)
This ancient Autobots, who has saved countless lives on the battlefield, was once a tool and parts maker. He longs to return to that simpler, more peaceful time.

Skids and Mudflap (Autobot Warriors)
These twins cause double trouble for any Decepticons that get in their way!

Jetfire (Air Guardian)
Many years ago, Autobot and Decepticons actually worked and lived together. But when the Decepticons turned to evil, this powerful warrior left their cause and went into hiding.

Megatron (Decepticon Commander)
Long ago, Megatron lived to defend his home planet, then he decided that the best way to defend Cybertron was to control it, and conquer everything around it.

Starscream (Ultimate Pilot)
The ambitious Starscream fully intends to become the new leader of the Decepticons. For now, however, he obeys to Megatron– because the time has not yet come to overthrow him.

Ravage (Decepticon Spy)
Secretive, silent, and solitary, Ravage is natural spy. He prefers to stay in the background, observing the activities of others — then reporting them to Megatron.

Constructicon Devastator (Ultimate Weapon)
His immense body is made of warriors, scientists and artisans, but all this robot can feel is an incredible hunger for destruction and deep, blinding rage!

The Fallen (Evil Warrior)
For millennia, he has scouts to recover a single artifact – in vain. Now he returns, raging to the planet where his search begin. This time, he will find it. This time, nothing will stand in his way!

In Movie Screen Characters List – credit to and for the list. You can also check out this forum page.

Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Class Figures:
Wave 1:
-Soundwave, the Grey Satellite, in the Movie
-Bumblebee, the Yellow Camaro, repaint of Deluxe Bumblebee, in the Movie
-Breakaway, the Brown Plane, part of the Revenge of the Fallen Videogame, and Not in the Movie
-Rampage, the Yellow Bulldozer, and part of the Constructicons/Devastator, in the Movie
-Sideswipe, the Corvette Stingray, in the Movie
-Sideways, the European Car Audi, in the Movie

Wave 2:
-Chromia, the Blue motorcycle, in the Movie
-Deep Desert Brawl, the Brown-camo, tank, repaint of Deluxe Brawl, Not in the Movie
-Smokescreen, the Blue Solstice, repaint of Deluxe Jazz, Not in the Movie
-Autobot Skids, the Green Chevy Beat, in the Movie
-Autobot Wheelie, actually a Blue decepticon spy, in the Movie

Wave 3:
-Interrogator Barricade, remold/repaint/retech of the original Deluxe Barricade, Not in the Movie (Debatable, you’ll know when you see the movie)
-Cannon Bumblebee, retool of Deluxe Bumblebee with new upper torso
-Ravage, Decepticon infiltrator and Panther, in the Movie
-Mudflap, Orange Chevy Trax, in the Movie

Wave 4:
-Ice Cream Truck: Skid and Mudflap, in the Movie
-Jolt, the Blue Chevy Volt, in the Movie

Wave 5:
-Arcee, red bike, in the Movie
-Swerve, repaint of Sideswipe, Not in the Movie
-Stalker Scorponok, repaint of Deluxe Scorponok, in the Movie
-Dead End, repaint of Sideways, Not in the Movie

Transformers Movie 2 Voyager Class Figures:
Wave 1:
-Optimus Prime, the Long Nose truck, repaint of Voyager Prime, in the Movie
-Starscream, the F-22 Raptor, in the Movie
-Ironhide, repaint/remold of Voyager Ironhide, the GM Topkick, in the Movie
-Demolisher, the Red Constructicon, in the Movie

Wave 2:
-Desert Tracker Ratchet, repaint of Voyager Ratchet, in the Movie
-The Fallen, in the Movie

Wave 3:
-Mixmaster, cement-truck, in the Movie
-Megatron, the Green-ish tank, in the Movie

Wave 4:
-Stratosphere, a non-movie character, based on a non-transforming Grey Cargocarrier

Wave 5:
-Grindor, repaint of Voyager Blackout, in the Movie
-Long Haul, the Green Constructicon, in the Movie

Future waves (To be categorized later):
-Bludgeon, a non-movie character, Not in the Movie
-Jungle Ironhide, retool of Voyager Ironhide

Transformers Movie 2 Leader Class Figures:
Wave 1:
-Optimus Prime, the long-nose truck, in the Movie
-Megatron, the Grey tank, in the Movie

Wave 2:
-Jetfire, the Blackbird, in the Movie

Future waves (To be categorized later):
-Starscream, the F-22 Raptor, in the Movie

This list is helpful to TF collectors who wish to buy only “Screen Characters” from the ROTF toyline as it is very hard to sort all of that out by just looking at the toy packages by Hasbro/Takara Tomy.

What do you think?

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