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Transformers Movie 2 ROTF Toys Launched 30th May 2009

Toywiz Malaysia will be happy to announce that Hasbro’s much anticipated movie toys line, Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen will be launched on the 30th May 2009. We are luckier than other country as we will be having both Wave 1 and Wave 2 figures lauched at the same time, meaning we are getting more figures faster than the US! Here are the list of figures available to Toywiz Malaysia now! Each sold separately! Some are sold in sets now we may soon have shortage of stocks! Stay tuned to the Japan Takara version coming soon.

Hasbro Transformers 2 Deluxe Class Figure (total 11 figures, Wave 1 and 2):
Retail Price: RM59.90
Preview Bumblebee
Preview Soundwave
Desert Brawl
Autobot Wheelie
Autotbot Skids
[image title=”deluxe-sideswipe” size=”full” id=”2432″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Class Sideswipe” ] [image title=”deluxe-sideways” size=”full” id=”2435″ align=”none” ] [image title=”deluxe-rampage” size=”full” id=”2431″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Class Rampage ” ] [image title=”deluxe-breakaway” size=”full” id=”2429″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Class Breakway” ] [image title=”deluxe-smokescreen” size=”full” id=”2434″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Class Smokescreen” ] [image title=”deluxe-brawl” size=”full” id=”2428″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Brawl” ] [image title=”deluxe-wheelie” size=”full” id=”2427″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Wheelie” ] [image title=”deluxe-skids” size=”full” id=”2433″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Skids” ] [image title=”deluxe-chromia” size=”full” id=”2430″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Deluxe Chromia” ]

Hasbro Transformers 2 Voyager Class Figure (total 6 figures, Wave 1 and 2):
Retail Price: RM119.90
Optimus Prime
Desert Tracker Ratchet
The Fallen
[image title=”voyager-prime” size=”full” id=”2440″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Optimus Prime” ] [image title=”voyager-ironhide” size=”full” id=”2439″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Ironhide” ] [image title=”voyager-demolishor” size=”full” id=”2437″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Demolishor” ] [image title=”voyager-starscream” size=”full” id=”2436″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Starscream” ] [image title=”voyager-ratchet” size=”full” id=”2441″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Ratchet” ] [image title=”voyager-fallen” size=”full” id=”2438″ align=”none” alt=”Voyager Class Fallen” ]

Hasbro Transformers 2 Leader Class Figure (total 2 figures, Wave 1):
Retail Price: RM219.90
Optimus Prime
[image title=”leader-prime-small” size=”full” id=”2426″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Leader Class Optimus Prime” ] [image title=”leader-megatron-small” size=”full” id=”2425″ align=”none” alt=”Hasbro Leader Class Megatron”]

Hasbro Transformers 2 Scout Class Figure (total 6 figures, Wave 1 and 2):
Retail Price: RM39.90
Dead End
Knock Out
Dirt Boss
Depth Charge
[image title=”scout-rollbar” size=”full” id=”2443″ align=”none” alt=”Scout Rollbar” ] [image title=”scout-ransack” size=”full” id=”2447″ align=”none” alt=”Scout Ransack” ] [image title=”scout-knockout” size=”full” id=”2446″ align=”none” alt=”Scout Knockout” ] [image title=”scout-dirtboss” size=”full” id=”2445″ align=”none” alt=”Scout Dirt Boss” ] [image title=”scout-depthcharge” size=”full” id=”2444″ align=”none” alt=”Scout Depthcharge” ]

Hasbro Transformers 2 Fast Action Battlers Figure (total 8 figures, Wave 1 and 2):
Retail Price: RM54.90
Double Blade Optimus Prime
Cannon Blast Megatron
Pulse Beat Bumblebee
Electro Whip Jolt
Beam Blast Ratchet
Photon Missle Jetfire
Magna Missle Sideways
Devastation Blast Longhaul

Hasbro Transformers 2 Robot Replica Figure (total 8 figures, Wave 1 and 2):
Retail Price: RM54.90
Optimus Prime
Autobot Skids
[image title=”robotreplica-optimusprime” size=”full” id=”2452″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Optimus Prime” ] [image title=”robotreplica-megatron” size=”full” id=”2451″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Megatron” ] [image title=”robotreplica-starscream” size=”full” id=”2455″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Starscream” ] [image title=”robotreplica-ironhide” size=”full” id=”2449″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Ironhide” ] [image title=”robotreplica-bumblebee” size=”full” id=”2448″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Bumblebee” ] [image title=”robotreplica-skids” size=”full” id=”2454″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Skids” ] [image title=”robotreplica-ratchet” size=”full” id=”2453″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Ratchet” ] [image title=”robotreplica-jetfire” size=”full” id=”2450″ align=”none” alt=”Robot Replica Jetfire” ]

Hasbro Transformers 2 Gravity Bots Figure (total 3 figures, Wave 1):
Retail Price: RM49.90
Optimus Prime

Hasbro Transformers 2 Role Play Helmet:
Retail Price: RM189.90
Optimus Prime

Hasbro Transformers 2 Ultimate Class Figure:
Retail Price: RM429.90
Ultimate Bumblebee
[image title=”ultimate-bumblebee” size=”full” id=”2442″ align=”none” alt=”Ultimate Bumblebee” ]

Those are the items available on 30th May 2009 and we are expecting Takara Tomy version to come in as well! So you SHOULD come to Toywiz Malaysia early! Free posters and stickers available too.

What do you think?

Written by David

Toywiz/Toy Garden is in the Toys and Collectibles scene for over 8 years in Malaysia. You can be a fan and add us from facebook: Toywiz Malaysia


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