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Transformers Universe Legends Class Wave 5

[image title=”transformers-universe-legend-class-wave-5″ size=”large” id=”2053″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]The Transformers Universe Legends Class figures measure about 2-inches long in vehicle mode and 2 to 3-inches tall in robot mode. This wave contains the following: Cosmos, Rodimus, Wheelie, and Warpath. Each selling at RM22.90 and some are sold in sets only.

From the deep reaches of space to your pocket, the tiny UFO Cosmos can go anywhere! This deep-space specialist is out in the vacuum of the final frontier looking for illicit Decepticon activities. Transforming from robot to an out of this world UFO, Cosmos is an update of the character from the original Transformers animated cartoon.

Known by many names, one thing is sure about Rodimus– he’s got the touch. Also, the power. Yeah! In the blink of an eye, he can change from a bright red customized automobile to one of the most famous Autobot heroes. He helped defeat Unicron. He picked up Galvatron and threw him into space. He can fish– and fish well. Truly, this is the chosen one and an Autobot you can believe in!

Wheelie say find friends today! This little car is sure to go far. Orange and small, he’s got it all. Based on a design from a future year, he’s ready to kick rhyming action into high gear.

KABLAM! Warpath is one of the Autobots’ most valued soliders. KAZOWY! Changed from a rust-colored tank to a robot, this POW! hero is an expert at kicking Decepticon tail. KICK!

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