Transformers Universe Ultra Class Predacon Bruticus


[image title=”tf-universe-predacon-bruticus-box” size=”large” id=”1771″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]With three slobbering, ferocious heads, and only one brain to split between them all, PREDACON BRUTICUS is a perfect dungeon guard. Short-tempered, brutal, and unimaginative, he takes his job of guarding AUTOBOT prisoners very seriously. MEGATRON doesn’t trust him to do anything beyond serve as a guard, but he is content in the dark, stinking dungeons beneath the PREDACON leader’s headquarters. As long as he has a full complement of prisoners to look after and a steady supply of energy, PREDACON BRUTICUS is happy.

This triple-threat dragon has 3 fire-breathing mouths to rule over the Predacons with an iron fist! With just a push of a button, he screams out electronic battle cries, and you can hear him firing doom from his battery-powered sound chip. When you insert the key into this cold character, motorized action makes his secret, hidden dragon heads pop out to do battle with the Autobots. As an added bonus, his lizard tail turns into a mighty axe with which he can bludgeon all those who dare oppose him! Predacon Bruticus is packed with fun features to be enjoyed by kids and collectors alike. Requires 3x button cell batteries, included.

This Ultra class figure is in stock now at Toywiz, selling at RM129.90 each.

[image title=”tf-universe-predacon-bruticus” size=”large” id=”1768″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]