Transformers Universe Voyager Class Inferno, Vector Prime


New 2009 Transformers Universe Voyager Class brings us the long awaited Inferno and Vector Prime. One of the first TRANSFORMERS robots ever created, VECTOR PRIME has been charged since the beginning of the universe with protecting the integrity of time itself. In a cosmos full of all-powerful beings, he protects the progress of time from the damage caused by UNICRON and other monsters. Together with his friend (and occasional bodyguard) SAFEGUARD, he adventures from one end of infinite space to the other. On the other hand, INFERNO loves nothing more than a good fight. In fact, he will often abandon his duties or even ignore direct orders, just to go antagonize DECEPTICONS. He especially loves to get up close to his enemies, where the energy-damping field he generates to help suppress fires can eliminate the effectiveness of their weapons. He uses the chemical foam sprayed from his arm cannon to blind opponents as often as he uses it to put out fires.

These two figures are selling hot now at Toywiz. The voyager figure is selling at RM109.90 each. Some figures may come in set only.

[image title=”tf-universe-voyager-wave-4″ size=”large” id=”1764″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]


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